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Street Fighter - Fan art

Having spent countless hours playing Street Fighter during my teen years, I've developed a deep appreciation for the game's character design. The iconic characters with their easily recognizable appearances and distinct fighting styles have left a lasting impression on me. I aim to pay tribute to this game that has brought me so much joy.

In my artistic approach, I intentionally focus on conveying rawness and brutality. Inspired by the intensity of combat, I emphasize exaggerated human anatomy, creating over-the-top proportions that reflect the dynamic nature of the fights. Additionally, I leave heavy brush strokes in my art, adding a sense of energy and spontaneity to the visuals.

By blending my admiration for Street Fighter's character design with my own unique style, I strive to create artwork that not only captures the essence of the game but also stands on its own as a testament to the raw power and excitement of the fighting genre. I hope you enjoy my artistic approach and the passion I bring to this project.

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