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Promo_02: Character design_Heroes(Batboy)

Here is another personal project I have been developing. Its name Heroes (Batboy) temp. The challenge is to use exiting IP to re_imagining the characters, settings, visuals. I won't be able to get it all by myself. But as a visual development artist, the only way I can improve my imagination, skills is by taking bigger settings, learning different disciplines like characters, environments, vehicles, animation, storyboard, writing...etc.

Here are some character design work. It is whimsical + punk.

These characters all try to look cool but we can't just take them too serious :).

Logo_Heroes League

The logo design, temp

The most simple thing, take the longest time. It just makes me have more appreciation to UI/Graphic designer.

The more details I create, the easier I can submerge into the project. Sometimes, I run out of idea, so I have to create the surrounding things to bring me back into the work.


So far, I have designed 20-30 characters. They all have front view only. I don't want to spend my time to work on turn around yet. It is more technical and time consuming. Usually, in my workflow, turn around poses will lockdown the final design.


You have reached the temporary ending of my work, thank you and good day!

Next post :)

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