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Promo_01 : Concept art from Clip Studio Paint to Blender G. Pencil

Concept art illustration

I have been using Clip Studio Paint and Blender for awhile now; And they are powerful creative tools. I have use them to visualize my concept idea. Here are some samples and breakdown of my journey. It is still at its early stage. Notes: I need more researches and skills to commit to it as a long term project. But hope you enjoy seeing them.

The theme is: Victorian SteamPunk inspired

Challenges: I wanted to have a big crew with different personalities and abilities. Having a giant robot in a scene, in a project is also very hard to come up with a good layout.

Break down set_up in Blender

Character designs and crew line_up

Main Character_Bag boy

Character_Guardian bot

Key Illustration

Next time, I will share more concept paintings and don't forget to check out other works on this site :)

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