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Lam Giang - 2d generalist

He was born and grow up in Vietnam. When he was little he spent his days playing Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Contra...He read many Dragon Ball and Doraemon comics. He started his interest in animation after watched Disney's Mulan (1998) and Dreamworks' Shrek.

After art school, he has worked for few game and app studios: Idle Games, Storm8, SGN and Sleeper. His roles includes: Visdev artist, character designer, background designer, production designer, animator and motion designer. 

His interest is world building and storytelling. Because of his willingness to go out of his comfort zone to learn other disciplines in the production, These qualities help him to be a good contributor to the team.

Beside art, he enjoys street soccer game and spends time with family. If you are interested in his work or want to talk about soccer, drop him a line, great day! ;)

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Concept design, Visual development, Game Development, Character and environment design, Storyboarding, 2d animation, Art direction, Design consultant.


Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Blender, TVPaint, Aseprite.


San Jose State University: B.F.A in Illustration/Animation

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